A little about me...

I have always been involved in the arts from age 6, where it all began for me in tutus and tap shoes...  dance was my true first love.  Whenever someone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up- it was a dancer.  I always knew the arts made me the happiest.  I ended up becoming a professional dancer for a while... traveling the world after college- dancing on cruiseships, and then doing a few projects in Nevada and LA. 

Unfortunately, a back injury set me back and also made me question if dancing was still what I really wanted to do.  So, I took some time and ended up taking on some other roles such as: marketing professional, and most proudly- a wife and mother.


However, with this "break" from pursuing the arts, I knew there was a  tremendous part of me I wasn't even showing to anyone, and I desperately missed being creative.  Thankfully, I was re-introduced to acting in a very profound way... and I have not looked back since. Dancing was always my first passion, but as it turns out- acting is my absolute core. Thankfully, I now know that.  As an artist, I push myself everyday to do more, learn more, and extend myself...because I love it.  I hope to do truthful work that leaves an imprint, and ultimately change misperceptions.

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